​Become a combustion researcher for 3 weeks, with access to state-of-the-art laboratories, and to leading scientists in the field. During the application process you will choose three professor you would like to work with. Potential research projects associated to each professor are listed below. 

Research Projects 

Professor Min Suk Cha
  • Physical characterization of electrical discharges
  • Chemical characterization of electrical discharges
  • Flames with electric fields
Professor Aamir Farooq
  • Chemical kinetics of a future fuel
  • Design of a laser-based sensor for air pollution        

Professor Bengt Johansson 

  • Experimental investigation of efficiency and emissions in a single cylinder heavy duty engine operated with pre-combustion chamber
  • High-speed imaging of jet ignition from a pre-combustion chamber
  • Spray momentum flux measurements of multiple-injections with a solenoid heavy duty injector
Professor Hong G. Im
  • Computational study on effects of mixture conditions on the characteristics of canonical flames 
  • Numerical simulation of sprays
  • Numerical simulation of advanced engine concepts 
Professor Deanna Lacoste  
  • Experimental investigation of flame-acoustic coupling in flame arresters
  • Numerical simulations of plasma-assisted combustion
  • Experimental characterization of flame dynamics at high-pressure
Professor Gaetano Magnotti 
  • Experimental study of oxyfuel combustion for carbon-neutral power generation
  • Laser diagnostics in optically accessible internal combustion engines
  • Raman spectroscopy in jet-flames 
Professor William Roberts
  • Desulfurization of heavy fuel oils for marine transportation
  • Cryogenic carbon capture from flue gas
  • High pressure turbulent jet diffusion flames 
Professor Mani Sarathy
  • Fuel design for advanced combustion engines
  • Lubricant formulations for harsh environments
  • Catalysis reactor design for methane valorization